We are a team of Lactation Consultants who are here to get you started with the tools needed to begin your breastfeeding journey. We are also available for continued support throughout your breastfeeding journey to offer you the support and knowledge you need as the wants and needs of your child are ever evolving.

"We attended the Next Generation Lactation Service breastfeeding class together, we both learned SO much information and found it very helpful."


Hi, I’m your instructor Caroline!

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I came to this career after my own struggles with breastfeeding my first son. I felt lost, alone and was in pain. As I began to climb out of the darkness of becoming a new mother I found a skill and passion for helping others on their own journey. This is when Next Generation Lactation Service was born.

I have been an IBCLC since 2017. I strive to meet each family where they are at, and to provide suggestions and knowledge that are tailored to their own needs. I would love to walk along side you on your journey of parenthood, and offer support as you need.